rh logoINTA and Nile combine their expert knowledge to adapt our environment to our health needs and launch


(Rurality, Humanism, Health, Urbanity)
A platform for reflection and proposals

RH[e]Sus official launching event will take place on september 2019, in Paris.

Health services within our communities are fundamentally a political question
Recently, especially after, the introduction  of My Health 2022, a transformational strategy of the French national health system, which was presented last September by the French President, the health issue has emerged as a societal priority in France as well as abroad.

In this context, numerous growth levers to seize together with large investments opportunities to engage have surfaced.

Feedback from previous experiences in the field of urban development coupled with health sector diagnoses confirm that the residents’ main concerns vary from issues of access and accessibility, care for young and ageing populations, to people with limited mobility and the quality of the proximity space. There is a consensus that a population's health status is influenced by multiple determinants, beyond just health, such as the built and natural environment, spatial segregation, social isolation, climate, economic situation, food, etc.

To respond to these specific issues and propose area-adequate health policies nile and the International Urban Development Association (INTA) have chosen to create an independent think tank, a platform for monitoring, reflection, and experimentation to establish a new culture of health in urban places in France, Europe and beyond. RH[e]SUs, as an  acronym of the think tank, is meant to express our joint implication to draft policies affecting Rurality, Humanism, Health and Urbanities.

One of the major roles of RH[e]Sus is to welcome and support the diversity of health practitioners and public policy actors to create innovative solutions in their respective urban areas, such as the example of INTA’s “Pilot Healthy Places Program” launched in partnership with Urbapilot.

Through analyses generation, report publications, and meetings organized in different cities, nile and INTA, with the help of their partners, intend to fully play their role as facilitators, reflection catalysts, and information disseminators within the national and European democratic debate.

The platform welcomes any actor wishing to change the current health vision with a better consideration for the social determinants of public health policies, for instance elected officials and decision-makers from local authorities, institutions, business leaders, academics, architects, sociologists, health professionals, neighborhood associations, etc.

The platform builds on the work of the Observatory of Regionalization created and run by nile. It is a vigilance circle dedicated to monitoring the health system’s evolution based on an upward reflection approach, field actors action observation, excellence search in local projects and national actors and decision-makers’ information sharing and feedback. In this framework, the Observatory of Regionalization organizes debates in the regions, in the form of symposia, regarding area-specific public health issues.


Project initiators: INTA + nile

nile is a public relations agency dedicated to health actors and destined to provide patients' associations, health professionals, public authorities and public authorities with strategic advice, and expertise in the drafting and implementation of their public affairs. The agency's philosophy consists in contributing to the improvement of the health system through actors alliance strategies.

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