UrbanBatBilbaoUrbanbat, an agency for urban innovation, will be holding the 7th edition of its yearly festival, in Bilbao, on the 23 & 24 november 2018

They're are looking for projects to feature on the festival: experiences, initiatives, international projects falling under the theme of the edition, "Instant cities".

The festival wants to investigate the consequences of developing technologies so that, in a short period of time, cities can receive a large number of people who come drawn by the celebration of events associated with leisure and culture. Attracting people for leisure is a development model, with a lot of consequences, as building huge infrastructures in a very short time, or reinvent public spaces for bigger occupation. While this phenomenon is expanding rapidly, at a global level, there still isn't much analysis and response for it, about the regulations needed by government to face it or how it needs to be done, at an academic level - few studies - and architecture and urban planning - little experiments.

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Main axes are holding the theme: What is the impact on the city, and its recovery capacity? What innovations and transfers may occur in the social field? How can we develop more sustainable and equitable new strategies?

If you feel your experience could answer one of these axes, you could be a fit for this festival. Both private and public initiatives are welcomed, hybridising socio-community work, urban management, participative urbanisation, architecture, and cultural and artistic practices in order to imagine innovative solutions together. Please complete the form before 30 June. 

// The festival's website

// More information on the open call

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