Going uphill ph Miguel Mendez 1460Le Congrès Annuel de Academy of Urbanism aura lieu en Irlande, à Cork, du 27 au 30 juin. Le thème est "Réussir une croissance positive ville-région"

The Annuel Congress of the Academy of Urbanism will be held in Cork, Ireland, from the 27 to 30 June. The theme is "Delivering positive city-region growth"

Cities are the main driving force of national economy and culture: as place for living, studying, tourism, investment or even migration... Cities are at the core of countries growth: not only for capitals, but also middle-sized cities, that are spaces for innovations and new growth ideas.

How can the growth and expansion of these important mid-sized cities provide an economy and wellbeing for ever-growing populations, whilst also retaining a distinctive sense of physical place identity? That is the question this Congress is answering, through conferences led by speakers from different countries. There will also be workshops, on local food and urban childhood, as well as visits on differents Cork's neighborhood and their uniques architecture. 

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