AppelDoffreGrandParisThe Greater Paris metropolitan Forum has opened an international consultation on Highways, ring road, expressways of tomorrow in the Greater Paris.

The road infrastructures are a central issue for metropolises: they are playing  a part in connecting different lots of big cities, and are necessary for the city's inhabitants, but also for building a shared identity for cities, especially for the Greater Paris, which aims to be gathering. However, roads are also responsible for a lot of metropolises' pollution, and their trafic is often congested. 

It is vital to optimize these roads, by taking into account technological innovations: apps for travel help and informations, news motorisations (electric car...) and artificial intelligence (self-driving car...). The international consultation's aim is to improve Île-de-France's road networks, and, thus, its inhabitants' daily mobility, as well as to reduce the problems associated with roads and to integrate them to the territory.

Paris Le Boulevard peripherique
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To participate, the teams should gather the following competences: architects, urban planners, landscapers, economists, and mobility, transports and environment experts. Others competences are welcomed as well. The call for tenders will be closed on the 3 August 2018 at 15h (Paris hour). Four teams will then be selected to work under a representative, and find conclusions.

Citizens and civil society will be integrated along the project, and an exhibition will be organized at the end, to present each team's work, and their collaboration's results.

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