social photo 2The IHS, Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies, are organizing a 60 year anniversary conference in Rotterdam, on 6-7 November. This conference aims to reflect on current and new urban trends, whether in urban development and management, or humanities, social and behavioural sciences. 

The conference is an opportunity to discuss the ‘hot topics’ of urban research and practice, to find ways of measuring outcomes and to look at the ‘status quo’ of the SDG implementation with colleagues from around the world, whether local and regional governments, practitioners, researchers or other stakeholders. They aim to make cities vital, well-managed, liveable, sustainable and fair: it can only be achieved with professionals that are equipped to handle complex urban challenges.

It will take place at Maassilo and Erasmus University Campus. The first day features a full-day programme with keynotes presentations, plenary panel discussions and breakout sessions, whereas the second day ends at noon. Besides keynote speeches from members of the academia and local government, two panel discussions are organized: "Solving Wicked Urban Problems" and "Sustainables Development Goals Implementation". Breakout sessions will run on 3 threads: people (how to harness human potential in cities?), places (how to develop sustainable living environment?) and know-how (how do cities learn and co-create?). 

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