H20Hangzhou will be holding the first H20 Global River Cities Summit on November 14th —15th, 2018.

The main topics of the H20 Global River Cities Summit include:
City & River culture Rivers are the cradle of city development, and the birthplace of culture. They are closely tied to a city’s ability to survive and develop, and they heavily influence the style and aesthetics of the urban environment. H20 opens up a cultural door to the further melding of rivers and cities.
Urban river ecological management Building ecological river embankments is the current development trend in modern river management; “make room for the river” is a new concept in modern flood planning; controlling the direct discharge of wastewater is the key to reducing river pollution; creation of a waterfront environment is highly important to city planning. Mastering new trends, expanding new horizons, creating new concepts – all of these things help cities enter a new path to ecological development.

What is H20?

The H20 Global River City Summit will bring together 20 riverside cities from around the world that have experience in river development or have plans to do so. At the summit, representatives from these cities will share wisdom and experiences related to sustainable development. They will create a new brand of river culture, promote collaboration between cities around the world, bring forth innovation-driven green development, and create modern eco-cities that are great for working, living, and vacationing, especially in developing countries. The summit will also serve as a driver for accomplishing U.N. Sustainable Development Goals through the power of cities.

Why is Hangzhou launching H20?

It is clear to us that the watershed interconnectivity and convenient transportation network that rivers bring to cities is a huge benefit in development. We have also noticed, though, that some riverside cities have encountered ecological peril and natural disasters, and they are faced with the challenging task of strengthening ecological improvement and sustainable development. These cities all face similar problems when it comes to constructing bridges, canals, and flood control infrastructure as well as promoting sustainable development, cultural tourism, and more. Because of this, interacting and sharing wisdom is a great way for riverside cities to improve in these areas. Therefore, the People’s Government of Hangzhou City decided that starting in 2018, with the support of various international institutions, it will host a global summit to bring together representatives from 20 riverside cities.

Which institutions and organizations are participating?

H20 Global River Cities Summit received support from several international organizations. The international organizations that have already confirmed that they will be attending and/or helping organize the event include (not listed in any specific order): Waterkeeper Alliance (WKA), Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS), Alashan SEE Ecological Association, Global Future Council, Global Environment Facility & United Nations Development Program Small Grants Programme, UN University Regional Centre of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development Hangzhou (RCE Hangzhou), The Nature Conservancy (TNC)...

Hao Xin(H20 Executive Committee, secretary general ; City Liaison Committee, director) xinhao@greenzhejiang.org
Katherine Olson(H20 City Liaison Committee, vice director) katherine@greenzhejiang.org

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