Retail: Pascal Carré, Constructa Promotion (France)
Tourism: Philippe Jean Pierre, University of La Réunion, Agorah
Urban services: Olivier Cormier, GE International
Health: Robert Cadalbert and Brigitte Berthomieu, Saint Quentin en Yvelines

Participants confirmed:
Albina Ruíz, President of Ciudad Saludable Group, Peru
Alfonso Martínez, Director Bilbao Metropolí 30, Spain
Automobile Club de Monaco
Bertrand PORQUET, Vice President - Sustainable Urban Management GDF Suez, France
Beware, Portugal
Boost innovation, Portugal
Branca NEVES, architect advisor of deputy mayor CML, Portugal
Carl NIELSEN, Founder & Chairman Cleardrive, Denmark
Christine Lor, France
Ciudad Saludable, Peru
Claudia Hoshino, Director UNCRD-LAC, Colombia
David Kooris, Director, City of Bridgeport, Bridgeport, USA
Diego Restrepo, Director General Housing and Habitat Institute of Medellin, Colombia
Dominique LAOUSSE, Innovation and Prospective's group Manager Direction Innovation & Research, SNCF, France
Edouard DOVILLAIRE, Expert Transport Urbain POMA Group, France
Elaine TRIMBLE, Director of Urban Infrastructure, Urban Development Siemens plc, United Kingdom Enrique Bardaji, Arquitect, Director of E.Bardají & Asoc. Madrid, Spain
Ernesto Gasco, Vice Minister of Transporte, Basque Country Government, Spain
Françoise Coupé, President Territorial Planning Council of Medellin, Colombia GODE, Peru
Guillermo Asprilla, Director Public Services Department, Bogota City council, Colombia
Hipólito BETTENCOURT, Landscape architect, Portugal
Ineo, GDF-Suez Group
Jacques Gally, Senior expert on New Towns, France
Javier Atkins, President of Piura Region, Peru
João FIGUEIRA DE SOUSA, Assistant Professor Department of Geography and Regional Planning Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, New University of Lisbon, Portugal
Jordi HENRICH, Architect Jordi Henrich Arquitecte, Spain
Jorge Camino, Mayor of Sullana, Piura, Peru
Jorge Rochabrunt, CEO Ciudad Saludable, Peru
Jorge Timaná, Director of the Civil Engineering Master, University of Piura, Peru
Jorge UMBELINO, Professor Estoril Tourism School, Portugal
José Humberto Montes Chávez, Chairman DISTRILUZ, Peru
Josep maria SALANOVA GRAU, Associate researcher Hellenic Institute of Transport - Center for Research and Technology Hellas, Greece
Juan Narciso Chavez, Director of Environmental Quality, Ministry of Environment, Peru
Juan Pablo Puy, Arquitect-Urbanist, IDOM – Bilbao, Spain
Juan Tapia, Chairman Protransporte, Lima, Peru
Leopoldo Villacorta, Dean, School of Architecture of Piura, Peru
Lisbon city council, Portugal
Marcelino MORENO, Managing Director BEWARE, Portugal
Mario Daniel Marcelo Aldana, Professor Faculty of Engineering, University of Piura, Peru
Mark ALTY, Strategy & Development Officer City of York Council, United Kingdom
Maurice Charrier, Vicepresident, Greater Lyon, France
Michel Sudarskis, Secretary General INTA, France
Natalia Chinchilla, Arquitect Partner of EB+U, Madrid, Spain
Nicola FRANCIS, London 2012 Active Travel programme manager London 2012, United Kingdom
Nicolás Kusunoki, President of the Mancomunidad de Lima Norte, Peru
Noud Fransen, Infrastructure and Planning Department, Government of Aruba
Philippe SAJHAU, Vice President - Smarter Cities Growth Initiatives IBM France, France
Philippe Serizier, Senior Expert, Programme LEED – OCDE Region Piura, Peru
Rhône Alpes Tourisme, France
Sarah LAVAUX, Sustainable Development Engineer Groupe Eiffage, France
Vitor COSTA, Executive Director ATL - Lisbon Tourism Association, Portugal

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