CCS-progress-reportThe Community of Competence Innovation for Services had already some 'waypoint' meetings, while new activities are listed in the agenda for the coming months.
After this last year of activity, we would like to give you an update of what has been said and what will be done.

icone-pdfHere you can download the Progress Report on Innovation for Services, a document that aims to summarize and relate some conclusions reached on the 4 fields identified within this Community.

INTA members and partners have identified 4 critical areas being subjects to change under the pressure of innovation, of changing demand and of new approaches to sustainable development: Tourism, Health, Retail, Urban Services.

INTA36 Smartness 100pxActivities
17 December, Paris, France. “How urban smartness unlocks urban value”. 
Plenary Session at INTA36 Congress in Paris (with CC Workspace Urbanism)

mobilite 1007 December, Paris, France. “Rediscovering mobility". 
Plenary Session at INTA36 Congress in Paris


knowledge-neighbourhood 100px14-19 October, La Défense, France - International Panel on Smart City concept applied to the territory Defense - Seine Arche (with CC Workspace Urbanism)

Lisbon-workshop 10019-21 September, Lisbon, Portugal. The International Workshop on Mibility and Tourism addressed the issue of mobility, particularly its connection with the creation of a dynamic of economic revival by favouring a supply of tourist and residential services by augmented mobility.

Smart-city 100px3-4 September, Paris, France. Workshop on Smart City concept (with CC Workspace Urbanism)

Monaco-Rallye 100px 24-25 March, Monaco, France. Participation in Rallye de Monte Carlo New Energy Rally



17-18 April 2012, Piura, Peru. An International Roundtable that aimed at contributing to the Rio +20 closing statements from a perspective that values the urban practices of public, private and community sectors, from the comparison of experiences in Latin America and other regions.

Within Health and Retail sectors no recent activities have been performed.

debate 2
Follow and contribute to the discussions that have been open as regards this multifaceted Community!


background-readings b 100px

In the past months a conspicuous number of documents have been collected in the background documents' section of the the CC available for the download.

For more information please contact the Secretariat to be part of the debate!

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