Retail"In terms of the economy, retail will remain a significant sector providing growth, jobs and dynamic new environments for consumers. It will continue to shape townscapes and will have an on-going role in bringing modernity to the heart of people's lives."

Retail 2020, John Lang Lassale

Industry and commerce are the cornerstones of society. They generate economic growth and thereby better living conditions for people. However, industry and commerce may also cause serious threats to our environment. As a result, we face a difficult global dilemma.

Because of this dilemma, the industry requires factories equipped with advanced technology to produce goods in a way that balances economic efficiency and environmental protection. There is a great demand for advice on solving this complex dilemma when establishing and upgrading production facilities around the world.

It is essential that the commercial and retail sector keeps evolving for the continued development of society. Modern commerce has led to shopping centres, retail parks and hypermarkets that are larger and more complex than ever before, making the call for efficient solutions even greater. Also, many international companies and organisations are now demanding office buildings balancing aesthetics and sustainability for their operations. These buildings are designed both to impress and to facilitate the working processes that flow within its walls. And global competition calls for any measures that can be taken to improve competiveness of working processes, production processes and administrative processes.

Ramboll, Denmark

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