Tourism"Most of the territories and cities are developing tourism and recreation as a priority, and the tourism economy is a factor in urban, cultural and social development. This activity is changing. Its future is uncertain, characterized also by breaks and changes on operating conditions and customer expectations. Recent news are there to prove it. The tourism economy is changing to meet the challenges of today and the challenges of tomorrow. More than ever, local stake holders have to give emphasis to imagination and inventiveness to foster innovation and creativity. There is a priority to work on products to their necessary transformation, their essential metamorphosis. The challenge for innovation is to build new types of offers, new types of businesses, new types of relationships between structures and actors.

More than technological invention or acquisition of new technology, innovation requires a cultural revolution at both individual and collective level. It is about creating a conducive environment to the emergence and the support of innovation in the forms of organization and in the management methods. The climate change, social mutations and sustainable development economy can induce a conducive momentum for innovation in tourism. Similarly, we must rediscover the meaning of "progress" and "growth" by including, humanistic values, respect for the planet and the people who live there, and social progress for all. We must focus on innovation that puts the value in the production of values. To drive out an innovative tourism project, we need an active membership of people and mobilization of stakeholders in the tourism sector and in the territories. Cooperation and mobilization of intelligence to the service of a project accepted and shared, are the conditions for its success. "

Statement 1 Innovation Forum and Tourism, Rhone Alpes Regional Council


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