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April 2014
14-15 April, Workshop on Aerotropolis, Taipei, Taiwan
16-17 April, Seminar on TOD (Transit-Oriented-Development), Taipei, Taiwan

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February 2014
24-28 February. Seminar on Future regeneration, Taipei, Taiwan



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August 2013
Second step International Panel on the design of a new neighbourhood at Xia Zhuang, Taipei, Taiwan
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10-13 June. Study tour for a Taiwanese delegation to La Défense CBD area, Boulogne and Plaine Commune, Paris, France, and to Chrystal building, Siemens, London

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23-28 March. 1st Step International Panel on the design of a new neighbourhood at Xin Zhuang. Taipei, Taiwan.



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Paris, France. “How urban smartness unlocks urban value” . Plenary Session at INTA36 Congress in Paris (in cooperation with the CC Innovation for Services)
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Paris, France. “Can the re-engineered city meet the urban economic challenge?”
. Plenary Session at INTA36 Congress in Paris (in cooperation with CC Innovation for Services)
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La Défense, Paris, France. International panel on Smart City in Paris La Défense – Seine Arche
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23-29 september - Cotonou, Benin - international panel on the economic zone of Sémé in Benin.
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La Défense, Paris, France. Workshop on Smart City concept
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12-15 june - Tainan, Taiwan – participation at the international Jury for the renovation of Tainan Main Station Area
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Utrecht, The Netherlands. International roundtable Learning Cities. Managing Urban Change in Places of Connection.
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Technical visits to places of connection (Hamburg and Bordeaux) in the context of the Learning Cities programme.


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Malmö, Sweden. Participation in the 10th anniversary of the Malmo' Western Harbour. New drivers for urban development
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Warsaw, Poland. Roundtable on "Rethinking University Space: the SGH Redevelopment"
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Tallinn, Estonia. Roundtable on "Rethinking Public Buildings for a New Civic Landscape: the City Hall as Headquarter for Intelligent Cities"
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Le Port, La Reunion. Peer-to-peer Panel on restructuring the industrial port. The panel's conclusions on Le Port provide content to other 3 Communities of Competence.
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Taipei, Taiwan. Roundtable on new industrial urbanism in the Nangang District.
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London. Meeting between core representatives of the Community of Competence
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Paris. Preparatory meeting for the panel of the City of Port. 
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Tallinn, Estonia. Meeting with City Government officials and representatives of the Community of Competence to develop the programme of the roundtable to be held in May on the theme "Rethinking Public Buildings".
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Spain. Working meeting on the transformation of the Port of Pasaia, Spain, which findings were used to prepare the peer-to-peer panel for the City of Le Port in La Réunion.



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San Sebastian, Spain. INTA34 World Urban Development Congress.
Workspace Urbanism: changing work patterns transforming city regions

Watch the Congress on video
Download the Congress conclusions
More information on www.inta34.org

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INTA Prospective Roundtable on New Metropolitan Synergies in Kaohsiung
The administrative environment in Taiwan is going through major transformations with the merging of cities and counties to give birth to metropolitan jurisdictions. These new territories are confronted with new development challenges: how to take advantage of the new structure and of the potential synergies of the larger urban region. Public policy-makers and private sector leaders are rethinking their strategies to find new forms of collaboration for more

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St Quentin-en-Yvelines, France. Summer Course on
Global competitiveness, attractiveness and innovation. The new leverages for metropolitan planning: fantasy or reality?

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Caceres, Spain. Advisory Panel.
Ribera de Marco: urban innovation environment

Cáceres, the most intact medieval quarter of any Spanish city, has been growing on the west part of its territory turning his back to the walls of the City. The recent archaeological interpretation of the fortress, the rediscovery of the old well, and the reactivation of the Silver Trail create an opportunity to revitalize the land on either sides of the creek “Ribera de Marco” finding inspiration in history and in the City identity.

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Hsinchu, Taiwan. Professional Skills Training Seminar on The Architecture of Innovation: Governance, Design and Infrastructure for Knowledge Cities
A Training Seminar for INTA members in Taiwan to build competences on ways of bringing design, architecture, urbanism, and engineering together with urban governance for an integrated approach to knowledge cities. A collaboration between the NCTU Eco-City Centre for Smart Living Technology, the Housing and Urbanism Graduate School of the Architectural Association, the Institute for Information Industry of Taiwan, and INTA, the International Urban Development Association, offering participants an interdisciplinary approach to the planning of knowledge cities.


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Hsinchu, Taiwan. Advisory Panel - New Urban Campus in Hsinchu.
The National Chao Tung University of Taiwan has invited an INTA Advisory Panel to evaluate the strength and weaknesses of the establishment of NCTU's new campus within the development of the Jhubei area (which includes the area of Jhubei High Speed Rail Station and the Biomedical Science Park) and to provide external advice for the master plan of NCTU's new campus and the future development vision and strategies of the new Central Business District.
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