connections 3The Community of Competence Workspace Urbanism had already some 'waypoint' meetings in the past months, while new activities are listed in the agenda for the coming months.
After one year of activity, we would like to give you an update of what has been said and what will be done.

icone-pdfHere you can download the Progress Report on Places of connection a document that aims to summarize and report the reflections that came up after the first cycle of the Learning Cities Program, Tainan Central Station redevelopment Competition

The Workspace Urbanism theme has been split into three main topics: 1/ Productive territories; 2/ Knowledge neighborhoods; 3/ Industrial urbanity

1/ Within the productive territories theme are the Community looked into the system of linked functions and territories resorting them to a metropolitan logic to make them more productive as places of conenction are. These new territories are confronted with new development challenges: how to take advantage of the new structure and of the potential synergies of the larger urban region. The urban region as machinery of learning.
Places of connection are places of intense environment, sometimes places of conflicts that turned to be places of opportunity. Sustainable places of connection will be animated by integrated systems for mobility. Mobility systems are the lifeblood of cities. Sustainable future cities will require diverse systems of public, private, motorized and non-motorized mobility. These will be integrated to each other, and will be essential for economically buoyant, socially equitable, and vibrant mixed-use urban quarters.

Utrecht 100pxActivities
27-29 June 2012, Utrecht, NL. An International roundtable on Learning Cities. Managing Urban Change in Places of Connection.
Utrecht (NL) hosted the first learning event of a joint programme between the Academy of Urbanism and the INTA' Community of Competence Workspace Urbanism on the topic Managing Urban Change in Places of Connection, with the participation of Hafencity Hamburg, Bordeaux, Malmo, Cardiff, Tampere, Oslo, Stuttgart and Milton Keynes with the purpose of capturing some basic principles for future development. Read more...

tainan 100pxJune. 
Tainan, Taiwan. Participation at the international Jury for the renovation of Tainan Main Station Area

2/ Knowledge neighborhoods > transversal to CCServices : What enables to build a good project where you get all the economic system on the area, to get the best value of it. Effective projects, real projects that involve a bigger number of stakeholders.

City-reingeneerd 100px17 December 
Paris, France. “Can the re-engineered city meet the urban economic challenge?”
. Plenary Session at INTA36 Congress in Paris

INTA36 Smartness 100px17 December 
Paris, France. “How urban smartness unlocks urban value” . Plenary Session at INTA36 Congress in Paris    (in cooperation with the CC Innovation for Services)

knowledge-neighbourhood 100px14-19 October 2012, Paris, France. A peer-to-peer Panel in Paris-La Défense around the topic of Smart City applied to the existent business district and to a brownfield area, future sustainable pole of La Défense.  Questions raised include: what will be the smart city of tomorrow? Is the Smart City only a Digital City? How to conceive an integrated sustainable city where people, economy, mobility, environment, living and governance are smart? Read more ..   
(in cooperation with CC Innovation for Services)

Smart-city 100px3-4 September
 La Défense, Paris, France. Workshop on Smart City concept
(in cooperation with CC Innovation for Services)

3/ Industrial urbanity: How to integrate the industrial, knowledge and productive structures within the urban framework and life. Problem of land use planning that separates industries to urban systems. This topic has been developed in some of the contributions in the CCPlatform.

2012 Panel-Benin 100pxActivity
23-28 September, Cotonou, Benin. An international panel on the economic zone of Sémé in Benin on the operational management of the industrial area of Seme, in connection with the construction of the deepwater port.
Read more..

debate 2As regards this topic multiple debates have been open.
I invite you to follow the discussions and continue to contribute!


background-readings b 100px

In the past months a conspicuous number of documents have been collected in the background documents' section of the the CC available for the download.


For more information please contact the Secretariat to be part of the debate

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