utrecht centraalstationA common phenomenon of many European cities in the last forty years has been the restructuring of inner city land for improving places of connection for either road, rail or water transport systems. In some cases this has been triggered by the relocation of functions to peripheral sites, to improve functionality and accessibility, or in others redevelopment, to increase the value of the land while maintaining the connection functions.

These developments often take decades to complete, impact on the character and functions of the surrounding areas, and can be disruptive to the life and energy of the city.

Which solutions for the transformation of the inner-city places of connection being road, rail, air, sea or brain ports? 

This reflection will contribute to the results of the coming activity:
International roundtable - Learning Cities. Managing Urban Change in Places of Connection
Utrecht, NL, 27-29 June 2012

"Learning from major inner city restructuring projects in Europe in a forward-looking and interactive discussion between global practitioners and local stakeholders to assess performance and define common principles for the successful management of structural change in urban places of connection."

Visit the dedicated blog at www.learningcitiesplatform.wordpress.com and find more about the programme, news, info about the projects involved!
For more information on this activity please contact the Secretariat at intainfo [@] inta-net.org

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