industry-in-townContribution to the discussion by Julien Birgi, project manager at Bordeaux Metropolitan Authority (La CUB).

We are facing the issue of eviction of all productive activities from the central district. Many architects and decision-makers tend to promote the vision of a clean-creative-glossy town rid of all the nuisance. And this way of designing cities often overlooks basic services and productive activities which need to relocate far away in the periphery.

With problematic outcomes in terms of :

- employment, especially for the poorly qualified labour who need to work in remote suburbs,
- quality of service in town, with a rise in the cost of services due to remote location,
- traffic and the environment (rise in freight distance)
- landscape and nature (destruction of natural areas in the countryside by activities which were relocated out of town).

Obviously, not all activities can afford staying in town but we do believe that the city needs to some extent, industry, urban logistics and craft to prosper.

So does anyone has experience to share about :
1- the political and administrative process carried out to make industry in town acceptable ?
2- records of innovative projects mixing industry and other urban functions ?

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