Senegal's Capital joins the programme

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  Improving urban health in Dakar

The city of Dakar, a city of more than 1 million inhabitants and capital of Senegal, is engaging in the Pilot Healthy Places programme with the aim of meeting at least two health issues:

  • Improving health information and hospitality in Dakar health centers
  • Improvement of the cardiovascular emergencies handling

This partnership will also aim to define solutions to install a new culture of health in the city and thus reduce the risk factors of several pathologies. Indeed, if communicable diseases including STDs (Sexually Transmitted Diseases) were the subject of an important communication effort that allowed them to decline in Senegal; Non-communicable Diseases (NCDs: Diabetes, respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, ...) have an increasing impact on premature deaths and are a real challenge for the city.

How Dakar can make its urban environment healthier and promote good practices among its inhabitants?

More information on the development of this partnership will be implemented on this page