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Working group : Territorial Changes


territorial changes

Key issue :
What are the specifics of the impact of the epidemic crisis in Latin America? How to recover in a framework where international assitance risks to be reduced? How can INTA work to help these territories?

This working group will endeavor to examine the particular situation of Latin America, taking advantage of the vast INTA network on this continent. // Full presentation

Members :

  • Luis Buezo De Manzanedo, sociologist, Toulouse, France
  • Myriam Arabian, president, Land-planning commission, Puebla, Mexico
  • Zulma Bolivar, president, University of Caracas'Land Corporation
  • Camilo Lloreda, general director, RAP Pacifico
  • Fernando Nunes Da silva, professor, Technical University of Lisbon, INTA president
  • Germanico Pinto, advisor, Quito, Equator
  • Alejandra Rodriguez, Bogota, Colombia
  • Guido Valdivia, general director, CAPECO, Lima, Peru


1. Why do some strategies to fight Covid19 work better than others in Latin American cities? [Video in Spanish, English subtitles available] 2. COVID19 impact on tourism, the example of Cusco, in Peru [Video in Spanish, English subtitles available]  

Want to join this group? 
contact INTA secretariat : intainfo@inta-net.org