What will be discussed?

Health, in a broadest sense, and well-being are now one of the main levers of responsible urban development. The Health issue can be broken down into several sub-groups revealing different issues, or new configurations of issues, which may end up occupying a structuring position in the local public policies of the post-Covid city.

How health and well-being influence the production of affordable housing; how health and well-being push toward a new mobility paradigm; how the cities can accelerate or not social inclusion through improved health and well-being? Are health and well-being of a better quality in medium-sized cities?
Where does the post-Covid city leave us? Is our societal project already sealed by the consequences of the epidemic, or do we still have the choice and the capacity to influence alternative trajectories?

This is the programme for the English session that will take place on 24th June, to read the programme for the French session on 1st July please follow this link.

Fernando Nunes Da Silva
Lisbon, Portugal
marques schnidman zeno
Paula Marques
Deputy Mayor,
Lisbon, Portugal
Frank Schnidman
Atlantic University (ret.),
DeLand, Florida, USA
Lisandro Zeno
City Councillor,
Rosario, Argentina
16:00  BREAK ☕
16:15  DEBATE 
chechetkina deketelaere ducas juul
Alexandra Chechetkina
Strelka KB,
Marie Deketelaere
Inspector General, French Ministry of Environment
Sylvain Ducas
Montreal, Canada
Helle Juul
Architect, Juul | Frost Arkitekter
Copenhagen, Denmark
larsson mazur olivier postigo fuentes
Christer Larsson
Malmö, Sweden
Jakub Mazur
Deputy Mayor of Wrocław
Robert Olivier
CEO Apero Group,
Montreal, Quebec
Idoia Postigo Fuentes
General Director,
Bilbao Metropoli-30
17:30  CLOSING