Being a unique international network by its nature involving the participation of a wide range of private and public actors in the fields of urban development, INTA is the forum for all those who want to understand the transformation taking place in urban society, to influence policy and to access the instruments and information to control and manage their own future.

INTA Membership is structured in 5 categories.
Each category enjoys specific membership entitlements and benefits.

Category 1:

National Authorities
Ministries, Departments, Government Agencies, …

15 representatives enrolled with individual benefits

Annual fees:

  • GNP – high 9,500 €
  • GNP – high middle 8,500 €
  • GNP – middle 7,500 €
  • GNP – low 6,500 €

National institutions or agencies join INTA to access high level exchange with other policy makers in a non-partisan international environment on problems common to all policy makers and to improve the understanding and capacity to elaborate national policies for sustainability. INTA facilitates the networking of governmental institutions with public and private actors in fields of urban development, housing, infrastructure, planning and environment in order to create a participative process, which is today’s condition for sustainable urban democracy. INTA Category 1 members seek to share their experiences, in the belief that the solutions they have found are useful to colleagues in other nations and other sectors. INTA provides national institutions the opportunity to understand how policies are translated into operational strategies and which adjustments and adaptations are required to make policies more effective and sustainable.

Category 2:

Local Authorities
City Governments, Regional Governments, Provincial Governments, …

6 representatives enrolled with individual benefits

Annual fees:

  • GNP – high 1,800 €
  • GNP – high middle 1,650 €
  • GNP – middle 1,500 €
  • GNP – low 1.350 €
  • Urban district, agglomerations, etc. - 4500 €

City or regional authorities join INTA to connect to a high level international network where they are exposed to new ideas, share experiences and build partnerships with other public leaders and public and private entrepreneurs in a non-partisan international environment on problems common to all local policy makers. INTA gives access to knowledge to improve the understanding and capacity to elaborate local policies and to provide innovative city services.

Category 3:

Public and Private Corporations
Public, semi-public or private enterprises, Architecture Firms, …

6 representatives enrolled with individual benefits

Annual fees:   

  • Turnover below 5 million euro 3,500 €
  • Turnover between 5 and 15 million euro 5,500 €
  • Turnover above 15 million euro 7,500 €

Public, private, semi-private corporations join INTA to access high level exchange with corporations from similar sectors but also from other sectors and the end users. In current times of financial crisis, it is more than ever important to have easier access to knowledge, information and advice about development in other countries, companies and sectors, about future trends that will impact one’s sector and about the strategies of different partners. INTA facilitates the networking of these partners in order to help public and private corporations to be ahead of advances and to be ready for changes.

Category 4:

Academic and Research Institutions
Universities, Policy Institutes, Think Tanks, Associations, …

1 representative is enrolled per institute

Annual fees:

  • € 500

Academic institutions join INTA to access an international platform that helps academics to transfer the produced knowledge into operational sectors. INTA facilitates the exchange between academics and practitioners, which enriches both the production of knowledge and the processes of the practitioners. Academic institutions use INTA as an instrument to channel the experiences of practitioners into knowledge and to return the knowledge to practitioners. INTA gives particular attention to connect advanced students in member institutes with their sectors under review.

Category 5: Individuals

Urbanists, Architects, Researchers, Students…

Annual fees:

  • GNP – high 300 €
  • GNP – high middle 280 €
  • GNP – middle 250 €
  • GNP – low 230 €

Individuals with interest in urban issues join INTA to share their expertise throughout a global network of practitioners, which facilitates decision-making and problem-solving. Joining the INTA network gives access to valuable contacts, knowledge and know-how and opens a wide international audience to one’s projects and initiatives.


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