Membership fees are now reduced for research institutions (category 4) and individual memberships (category 5).

A new category has been created to adapt to the situation of retired people and students, as well as a "sponsor" category which allows support for the association beyond the current scale.

Membership allows the Association to operate the International Secretariat with its permanent team, which offers its members year-round activities, and broadcasts the information of members in our network. For each category, a specific number of representatives is appointed, they participate in the life of the association:

  • Voting right at the General Assembly of INTA
  • Possibility of standing for election to the Board of Directors (and therefore to the office or the Presidency of INTA)
  • Member price for activities with registration fees

national authority iconCategory 1 | National Authorities:
Ministries, Departments Governing Agencies, …
15 representatives

OECD Countries + Taiwan, Singapour, Hong-Kong, Cyprus 9500 €
Other countries 6500 €


local authority iconCategory 2 | Local Authorities:
City Governments, Regional Governments, Provincial Governments, …
6 representatives

Number of inhabitants OECD Countries + Taiwan,
Singapour, Hong-Kong, Cyprus
Other countries
Less than 50 000 1800 € 1350 €
Between 50 000 et 500 000  3000 € 2250 €
More than 500 000 4500 € 3375 €


corporation iconCategory 3 | Companies :
Public and Private Corporations, Public, semi-public or private enterprises, Architecture Firms, …
6 representatives

Less than 1 million € turnover 3500 €
Between 1 and 15 million € turnover 5500 €
More than 15 million € turnover 7500 €


university iconCategory 4 | Research:
Academic and Research Institutions, Universities, Policy Institutes, Think Tanks, Associations, …
1 representative

OECD Countries + Taiwan, Singapour, Hong-Kong, Cyprus 500 €
Other countries 300 €


individuals iconCategory 5 | Experts :
Urbanists, Architects, Researchers, ...
Individual Membership

OECD Countries + Taiwan, Singapour, Hong-Kong, Cyprus 250 €
Other countries 100 €


individuals iconCategory 6 | Students and Retirees
Individual Membership

OECD Countries + Taiwan, Singapour, Hong-Kong, Cyprus 100 €
Other countries 50 €


individuals iconSponsor | Support the association
Individual Membership

This category allows you to support the association with a higher fee than the basic scale. If you want to become a sponsor, please contact INTA secretariat.


 If you have any specific question or problem, please contact the secretariat.
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