Joining INTA means entering into an international network of high-level urban policy makers and practitioners, which will facilitate your decision-making and problem-solving and will give you access to the most useful contacts, knowledge and know-how in your field.

INTA MembershipINTA membership gives you the opportunity to connect with a global network of peers; to give a wide international visibility to your projects and initiatives and to access cutting-edge information that will help you to make sound policy choices and provide you with support for strategic debate on the future of urban development. Membership will allow you to contribute to the decision-making processes of national and international urban development authorities and to receive international advice offered by other INTA members as voluntary advisory services.

Other INTA membership benefits include considerable discounts to all activities and to activities of partner organisations, unlimited access to e-library and e-directory, priority participation to World Urban Development Council, advice and brainstorming, visibility in Congress and on materials, …

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INTA Membership is structured in 3 groups and 5 categories.

Membership groups:

Strategic Membership
Full Membership
Associate Membership

Membership Categories:

Category 1:
National Authorities
Ministries, Departments, Government Agencies, …

Category 2:
Local Authorities
City Governments, Regional Governments, Provincial Governments, …

Category 3:
Public and Private Corporations
Public, semi-public or private enterprises, Architecture Firms, …

Category 4:
Academic and Research Institutions
Universities, Policy Institutes, Think Tanks, Associations, …

Category 5: Individuals
Urbanists, Architects, Researchers, Students…

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