Looking at 5 Metropolises
Hanoi / Helsinki / Bamako / Recife / Montreal

Journey from East to West

The anthropologist Tim Ingold offers the notion of Tasckscape to describe the relationship between a landscape and the practices which take place in it. How daily practices and the urban landscape configure each other ?
 That is the question we asked to 5 videomakers living in an intermediate metropolis.

With five themes associated to five ways of filming, they attest to different taskscapes 

Team Hanoï : Duy Duc Bui, Thai-Huyen Nguyen
Team Helsinki : Antti Tuomikoski
Team Bamako : Vincent Laureau, Fanny Besse
Team Recife : Vinicius Andrade, Renata Oliveira
Team Montréal : Renaud Lefebvre, Farid Kassouf, Arash Maleki

Directed by : Laure Brayer
Editing : Guillaume Meigneux
Under the direction of Nicolas Tixier

Collaborations : Sylvie Barnezet, Damien Denizot, Anne-Marie Maür

Co-produced by the National School of Architecture of Grenoble - Laboratoire Cresson
& Grenoble Alpes Metropole with the Planning Agency of Grenoble Region

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