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NTA35 World Urban Development Congress - Grénoble & Lyon, France - 6-9 November 2011
Article on the Fabrique de la Cité website
Article of Jon Aguirre such, speaker at INTA35 and Indignado from Madrid, on his blog "Paisaje Transversal" (in Spanish)


INTA34 World Urban Development Congress - Donostia San Sebastian, Spain - 24-28 October 2010
Download here the INTA34 Press map



INTA  Panels & Roundtables

INTA Panel on the design  of a new neighbourhood at Xinzhuang, New Taipei City, Taiwan, March 2013

INTA Panel on territorial planning in Andahuaylas, Apurimac Region, Peru - March 2013

NTA Roundtable on Eco-urban Projects and urban project management and on substandard housing in Reunion Island, 9-16 February 2013

NTA Panel La Defense Seine Arche, Paris France - October 2012

INTA Roundtable on tourism as leverage for socio-economic development in Reunion Island, La Réunion, France - 27-30 November 2011

INTA Summercourse, Açores Portugal - September 2011
Article 1, download here
Article 2, download here


INTA Roundtable on Neighbourhood Regeneration in Lisbon, Portugal - May 2011


INTA Panel on port-city regeneration in La Réunion, France - April 2011


INTA Roundtable on urban regeneration and integration strategies in Tainan, Taiwan - February 2011

INTA Panel Bordeaux, France - November/December 2010


INTA Panel on tourism in La Réunion, France - June 2010


INTA Panel Cáceres, Spain - April 2010
"Expertos plantean objeciones al futuro corredor de la ronda este"
El Periódico Extremadura


INTA Panel on the development of the city centre in Vaulx-en-Velin, France - June 2009


INTA Panel on redevelopment of the central area in Fukuoka, Japan - April 2009


INTA Panel on the city centre in Echirolles, France - January 2009

NTA Panel ZAC Beauséjour-La Réunion, France - 2008


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