In 2013, for its 3rd edition, the 5Plus City Forum, an international platform initially oriented on digital innovation and its consequences on citizen’s life in 5 years, takes a new dimension by focusing on the urban issues and gather digital actors with all city’s actors: building industry, lighting, networks and energy companies, supervision enterprises, retail and innovative services business.
Our goal is to encourage growing partnerships and innovation dynamics.
In this context, the next stage of the program In-between Metropolitan Strategies will take place. After the first international meeting at INTA36 World Congress in Paris on "Metropolitan strategy: towards a productive metropolis?", the program focuses this time on local innovation projects or policies that boost the implementation or development of a metropolitan strategy.

An international workshop, hosted by the International Conference 5Plus City Forum and part of the 5Plus City OFF, on the influence of innovation on the metropolitan scale: "How to interconnect or compose key innovation projects or policies to strengthen a metropolitan region?" . The workshop is scheduled on March 21st from 10h30 to 11h45.
The statement  " ..How could we create “innovation nests” at the heart of cities?" will be transposed to the metropolises.
To give concreteness to this session, two case studies will serve as a basis for the discussion.

All INTA members are invited to assist the full Forum and our roundtable taking advantage of the free registration (except lunch) that benefits our members.
Check the programme and register online at: 5 Plus City Forum

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