Equitable Metropolises: fixing spatial, social and economic inequalities though integrated governance, planning and development

Networking event at WUF7
co-organized by Metropolis Association, INTA and UN-Habitat
Yellow Pavillon | 9 April 2014 | Room 5 | 16.30-18.30
WUF7, Medellín, Colombia

In a worldwide urbanization context, metropolitan systems are playing a more important role not only in terms of share of the total urbanized population, but also for their dynamic contribution to the economy, their capacity of fostering sustainable development in addressing inequities through a more balanced distribution of wealth and improved access to services, quality of life and opportunities.

As inequalities increase parallel to uncontrolled urbanization, in particular in large metropolitan areas operating lagging specific governance arrangements for large scale territories, more attention is drawn to metropolitan mechanisms that can promote democratic and efficient development policies and management.

Metropolis, INTA and UN-Habitat propose two dialogues on a set of critical challenges: the first one will question how metropolitan mechanisms can deliver more equity either between the municipalities composing the metropolitan system, or between the inhabitants; the second dialogue will focus on the metropolisation process of fast growing medium-size cities and how they can articulate their planning and development policies at different territorial scales.

Included in the Networking Events Programme of the WUF7 in Medellin, the dialogues on the Equitable Metropolises will take place on Wednesday 9 April at the Yellow Pavillon, Room 5 from 16.30 till 18.30

> Download here the Networking Events Programme


More about the World Urban Forum | Urban Equity in Development -  Cities for Life
This year, the Seventh session of the World Urban Forum will take place April 5-11 in the city of Medellín, located in the department of Antioquia, in Colombia. With the support of the Municipality of Medellín and the Government of Colombia, Medellín will host the WUF, offering its own inspirational award-winning urban landscape to over 10,000 expected participants representing 160 countries.

Participants will convene at the city's exposition center, Plaza Mayor, for six days of discussions examining the conference's theme  "Urban Equity in Development - Cities for Life".   As an international example of urban transformation through social urbanism, Medellín will also become an urban laboratory during the World Urban Forum 7. Both physically and institutionally, Medellín has exemplified its prioritization of vulnerable communities with solutions for accessible mobility, inclusive governance and quality education, together with the recovery of public space and green areas throughout the city.

> Find out more about the programme and registration procedures at http://wuf7.unhabitat.org 

> Download the Draft WUF7 programme at a glance in pdf

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