charrier WUF7Maurice Charrier, President of INTA, speaking at the 7th World Urban Forum in Medellin said that "beyond political talks, the WUF was an opportunity to engage in a vivid dialogue with elected officials and community leaders on the role of metropolitan governance in reducing territorial inequalities. Metropolisation is an institutional construction that allows more democratic cooperation needed to face the current economic and social challenges, needed also to better build an urban future with less territorial inequalities and fragmentation. The metropolitan momentum is an irreversible process. This debate continues the discussion taking place within INTA's Communities of Competence on metropolitan process".

Metropolisation, as a process, creates a new qualitative relationship with municipal levels. The metropolitan areas are already part of the daily life of most of the citizens. But if metropolises are a form of modernity, their contents depend on the nature of the projects they carry. And conversely, these territorial projects, based on political choices, are the key to the acceptance and the progress of these new modes of urban life.

The metropolitan project must be considered as a necessary condition to build territorial solidarity, a necessary condition to the universal access to urban services, and a necessary condition to the " right to the city ".

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