SDE2014 Vue Aeriene LaCiteduSoleil 270INTA signed a Memorandum of Understanding with CSTB, French institution in charge of the organisation of Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 and is inviting its members to attend this unique event to discover 20 prototype of future housing products.
Private visits and specific meetings can be organised for interested members.


Presentation of Solar Decathlon Europe 2014

Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 is a unique event which gathers all the European stakeholders of the energy efficiency and the construction industry around the key issues of the housing solutions of tomorrow

France has been appointed by the US Government as the host country for Solar Decathlon Europe 2014. The first Solar Decathlon took place in the U.S. in 2002 thanks to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). This is an award-winning competition open to the public which gathers the greatest universities from all over the world to conceive and build a zero energy building. Carried by the French Government the next happening of the Solar Decathlon will be taking place in France from June 16Th to July 19th, within the national domain of Versailles.

During 34 days, 600 competitors, 200 academics, 41 universities and 16* countries constituting the 20 final teams will present 20 real size prototypes that will be confronted to 10 rigorous tests – this is a decathlon. At the end of 18 months of conception and construction, each team will be given a final score by 6 internationally renowned juries.

The housing prototypes are not mere concepts; they must also be a good response to the cultural, climatic and social contexts of their homelands. With this new edition in 2014 in France, a development of the Rules allows to refine the requirements to be met by projects, focusing on 6 items which are density, mobility, sobriety, innovation, affordability and contextualization.

To conceive the housing of the future, to think on its urban shapes, its integration in the city, to answer the increasing scarcity of land and the growing cost of fossil fuels, these are the key issues on which Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 will bring concrete solutions.

By offering the means to gather academics, local representatives, construction industry professionals, industrials, companies and the general public, Solar Decathlon Europe 2014 aspires to educate students and professionals and give them the necessary skills to conceive the housing of the future. The latter cannot be assessed only as a living space. It must assert itself as the cornerstone of a whole new global performance system, taking into account energy, the environment, mobility, health, comfort, transport, digital technologies and employment.

Solar Decathlon Europe is a unique opportunity to educate and communicate to all European actors on the value of ecological, collective habitats & the housing of the future. The future is now.

*France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Netherlands, Denmark, Romania, United States, Mexico, Costa Rica, Chile, India, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan.


Jérôme Mât – Executive director
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