Taipei ImageCharles Lin, deputy mayor of Taipei, vice president of INTA invites the Association to various meetings and events in Taipei from 11 to 13 May 2015.

May 11: The Secretary General will meet the Taipei city government authorities (Office of Urban Development, Department of Public Works, Ministry of Economic Development, Department of Transport). They will discuss about the 2-year international cooperation between Taipei City and INTA, the preparations for the Asian region of 2016 UN Habitat III and overseas training sessions. The same day, INTA SG will have a gift exchange and a short meeting appointment with Taipei Mayor Mr. Wen-Je Ko  to discuss about the issue of 2016 UN Habitat III Conference.

 May 12 : The Secretary General of INTA, Michel Sudarskis will attend a major conference in Taiwan, which will take place at the Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance. The event will cover different topics like, Smart Cities and the Related Business Model and Financial Sustainability Mechanism. Our Secretary General is invited to speak at the session 1 of that conference and to address the topic of: Global Trend and International Cases of Smart Cities Development: The Strategies and Governance. In his presentation Mr Sudarskis will show that the development of Smart National Territory is based on three major components: hardware, software and information and how the concept of Smart Territory can provide solutions on both a technological and process level for shaping a sustainable future.

Panelists will be Sudarskis Michel, Secretary General, INTA; Mr. Satoki Shimmi, Director, Commerce, Industry, Labor and Tourism Office, Nantan Representative Bureau, Kyoto Prefectural Government, Japan; Mr. Yau-Hwang Kuo, Distinguished Professor, Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Cheng Kung University; Mr. Tien-Yin Chou, Distinguished Professor, Department of Land Management, Feng Chia University; Mr. Hung-Nien Hsieh, Associate Professor, Department of Architecture and Urban Planning, Chung Hua University. The SG will also deliver a Keynote Speech: ‘’Global Smart National Territory Development Mechanisms and Governance Trends and Cases’’ during the opening ceremony and he will be among the panelists at the last general discussion Q/A.

Mr Sudarskis will end his journey in Taiwan on May 13 in attending an internal roundtable conference on Smart National Territory Development Strategies and participating in a dinner at Taipei Fullon Hotels & Resorts  alongside Yeh Kuang-Shi, Former Minister of MOTC; Yeh Shin-Cheng, Minister without Portfolio; Wu Bao-Tian, President of Lih-Pao Construction Group; Chunghwa Telecom executives; Taoyuan International Airport executives; representatives from ICT industry (for smart city, international layout and other issues).

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