NTU Medical Professor Ko Wen je Talks in a Workshop in Taipei TAIWAN The mayor of Taipei, KO Wen-Je received the Secretary General of INTA, Mr Michel Sudarskis in the presence of his associates including Charles Lin, vice president of INTA, in May. The meeting focused on the work of INTA in Taiwan including Taipei metropolitan area. Mayor Ko  Wen-Je said the municipality was engaged in the modernization of its administration. INTA  will organize next September, a series of technical visits in France, UK and the Netherlands for a delegation of municipal officials. The mayor also asked INTA to join in support of several large projects in the capital including affordable housing, regeneration of neighborhoods, urban intelligences. Several missions are planned for the next 2 years.

Also a delegation of Taiwanese developers will travel to Europe, and France in particular, at the end of the year to compare their approaches and renewal of urban regeneration with those of Europeans. Another case to follow.

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