mou taiwanThanks to President WU animating the federation of associations of Taiwan promoters-developers, seven companies and two trade associations have join the membership to start with a 3-year programme: 

1.  Federation of the Real Estate Development Association R.O.C. (By: President Bao-Tian, Wu)
2.  LIH PAO CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD. (By: Chairman Bao-Tian, Wu)
3.   The Real Estate Development Association of Taipei (By: President Chun-Tong, Chen)
4.   LIANG MAO CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD. (By: Chairman Chun-Tong, Chen)
5.   YIKUNG CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD. (By: Chairman Jhong-Jin, Lin)
6.   YUAN LIH CONSTRUCTION CO., LTD. (By: Chairman Chien-Sheng, Tsai)
7.   ADVANCETEK ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. (By: Vice General Manager Siou-Huei, Chen)
8.  JI MEI CONSTRUCTION & ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. (By: General Manager Chin-Hui, Lin)
9.  JUT LAND Development CO., LTD. (By: General Manager Diao-Jin, Hong)

The multi-year working program will include visits but also the participation of INTA network at a permanent think tank focusing on the most advanced issues on innovation related to real estate. Most of these companies will participate in INTA39 Congress in Paris (24-27 November 2015) and meet their counterparts in France and Europe.

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