4INTA is partner of the first Citizens' Summit of the Region of the Oriental, Morocco.

The Regional council of the Oriental, the Wilaya of the Oriental, the organisation of cities and united local governments of Africa, the Agency of the Oriental and the NGO Echos Communication collaborate all together for the realization of an ambitious programme of territorial governance entitled : the Territorial Coaching. Coaches have surveyed a sample of 600 inhabitants from the 8 provinces composing the Region of the Oriental. This action made within the framework of the process of regionalization has several goals :
1. to develop a sense of belonging to a new entity : the Region of the Oriental
2. to overcome obstacles and increase opportunities in the exercise of the citizenship
3. to make the citizens' recommandations as elements for the development of the region

The first Citizens' Conferences of Region of the Oriental which took place on May 30 are an opportunity to present the synthesis of the public consultations and to answer to the citizens and region's stakeholders according to their expressed wishes.  The presence of international partners as INTA is an opportunity to establish links within the framework of a multifaceted decentralized cooperation. Maurice Charrier, President of INTA addressed during the plenary session while Michel Sudarskis moderated the roundtable on territorial development and digital technologies.

The territorial coaching is a specific approach made around a particular skill, combining the accompanying interpersonal skills as practiced in the corporate world, leading the change management within large human groups, as communities or territories. The territorial coach serves the stakeholders of the territory, and acts as an external agent that is not part of local antagonisms, to help overcome the difficulties of dialogue between actors in the territory, to develop shared understanding and foster synergies between them. The territorial coaching brings attention to the human factor, the behavior and attitudes of women and men who are at the heart of the success or failure of the definition and implementation of public policies. This work in behaviors reorientation and individual attitudes in order to boost desired positive change is typical of what the coaches in the corporate world. But accompany changes in behavior or attitudes in contexts as diverse as are the local authorities is much more difficult. Communities gather together stakeholders with divergent interests, with different temporalities, and who have different attachment to the land. Furthermore, mobilizing to the land development mean we agreed on a common vision of the development and that we have adopted positive attitudes to the common future.


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