couv inta40 ENThe International Urban Development Association (INTA) has engaged in a bold initiative, using Habitat III as an opportunity to address the need to give a new significance to contemporary urban development and a clarification of new issues and actors. Hundreds of INTA members have supported our initiative by contributing comments on and answers to these grand questions. This exercise encouraged members to reflect on the changes and the principles of action that should be included in an urban agenda for the next 20 years. Following this collective effort, we ventured to produce this text which presents a possible vision of the future urban world. The strength of the text is that it is not subject to any institutional constraints. It has no claim other than to gather and summarise the many contributions from our members, representing a broad and deep knowledge base, emphasising the “disruptions” and the innovative solutions that we should introduce into urban policies.

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The INTA initiative intends to contribute with the notion that our cities are above all places to live, places that offer “the ability to cope with the problems faced by citizens of a city and citizens of the world”. This approach aims to place each moment of urban life under the gaze of a dedicated person and not under that of a purely technical approach. We want to ensure hospitality in public spaces, ensure that there is equity between different areas of the city, ensure security, enable the development of sensitivities or issue information that is understandable for everyone. These are some of the principles and initiatives which we want to put in place to make sure everyone can live in their city.

We want to help trace the path that will allow us to achieve “good living” (“buen vivir”), with a simple perspective: the city is made by and for women and men who live and work there. They are places of production of wealth, places of growth through crossbreeding and hybridisation; the city gives everyone a range of possibilities that allow them to live in the city. This is what the INTA INITIATIVE is about. The initiative was launched in 2015 and will be continued well after Quito.

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Right after Quito, we will meet at our annual Congress, this year in Lisbon, where we will decide how to continue in terms of training and public debate. We are looking to organise a series of “forums to mobilise collective intelligence” based on local situations and on the innovations that we have identified as necessary for urban and territorial policies. We will do this using the present text and other contributions from Habitat III, with the aim to broaden the debate as well as identify new contributions towards innovative solutions.

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