INTA40 session ISTThe 40th Annual Congress of INTA (Lisbon, 28-30 novembre) will be about : Living, Building, Financing the City post-Habitat III.

While the 3rd World Habitat conference of the United Nations discussed the urban agenda for the next 20 years, and climate conferences adopted financial instruments to limit damage to the climate, cities and territories are entering a transition, mutation and transformation phase. With its Initiative for Habitat III, INTA proposes a clarification of forthcoming changes, which are unavoidable challenges, and few lines of action on key issues. Those key issues are shaping the city of tomorrow, the one we want to build together, and however they already are those of the city we live in today.

The ambition of this 40th Congress is to facilitate both implementation and ownership of Habitat proposals by inhabitants and local leaders according to their own vision of their future.

The urban planning tools are becoming increasingly complex and innovative. City leaders have to adapt to change and complexity. The challenge is to find funding for development in crisis situations and to organise a more equalitarian redistribution of urban growth in financial terms (local taxation, land value capture, alternative funding…) as well as public policies terms (affordable housing production, neighbourhood renewal, energy transition, accessibility and mobility, culture…) More than ever, cities and metropolis are interdependent and forming networks. They are sharing risks, the consequences of their crisis, but also the benefits of their progress. Cities and territories are at a crossroad: it is either basing international relations on concurrence and competition, or choosing cooperation and solidarity.

The session "Research and innovation for the City post Habitat III" will be the occasion to present the technology which is developed in the Instituto Superior Tecnico (IST) on critical urban sectors: mobility, energy and construction material. 


Miguel Amado Miguel Amado, Researcher and Associate Professor of  Architecture (specialized on Sustainable Architecture and Urbanism, Sustainable Construction and Sustainable Development), Department of Civil Engineering, Instituto Superior Tecnico (IST)
Filipe Moura Filipe Moura, Researcher and Associate Professor (specialized on Transportation), Department of Civil Engineering, Instituto Superior Tecnico (IST)
 Manuel Pinheiro Manuel Pinheiro, Researcher and Associate Professor (specialized on Environmental Impacts, Environmental Management Systems and Sustainable Construction), Department of Civil Engineering, Instituto Superior Tecnico (IST)

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