Rural vs UrbanAn "inspiring" French experimentation for countries facing the phenomenon of metropolisation and the question of equality / equity between territories

A French Senator noted that: "the [national] territorial system is made of centralities, networks and flows (of people, goods, activities, information) at all scales, with permanent and progressive interactions. From now on, all dependent of one another, the territories have different capacities and needs which are useful to apprehend."

It is becoming increasingly evident (there is much research and debate on these issues) to define global and integrated territorial and human development projects to which each territory contributes with its assets and potentials (social, cultural, environmental and economic) and for which it has the right to expect reciprocal solidarity and returns serving the needs of its inhabitants.

On this basis, the French Government has defined an experimental scheme called the "Reciprocal Agreement". INTA, taking advantage of this soft innovation, proposes to pursue an approach aiming at defining the capacity for territorial cooperation between the metropolitan areas of Marseille-Aix, Toulon, Grenoble and the "Provence Verte" territory composed of various intermunicipal entities.

A meeting was held with all the local stakeholders on February 7, 2017.

If you feel concerned by these issues, please contact us.

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