RC rehab logo 300x123Recipro-Cite launched a new program to better develop the living-together through rehabilitation works, Recipro-Cite Rehab.
The objective is to support major rehabilitation projects in the social housing stock, from buildings to neighbourhoods. To meet the social challenges linked to those redevelopments, this programme offers to the project coordinators, social housing companies, local authorities, a possibility to include a social project to the rehabilitation works, in order to involve the residents into the project. 
Those major works on the built environment are a turning point for the tenants. But Recipro-Cite Rehab takes this opportunity to strengthen social links, creating or reviving a dynamic of solidarity. The refreshed habitat would then bring a refreshed view of the neighborhood as well.  
The social cohesion objective should be achieved through the implementation of various methods of social engineering: from informative support to creation of clubs, dedicated to activities. Participatory regulation body and a “vivre-ensemble” charter will promote involvement in the project programme and the neighborhood.
This tool is designed to be flexible, in order to be adapted to different size of projects.

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