prix monde logoThe list of awarded projects at the 2nd edition of « Le Monde » Smart Cities Innovation Awards 2017 have been released, during the award ceremony. The jury selected 1 awarded project, as well as 2 honored, for each of the 6 category, as well as a Great Prize.

Congratulations to the 2 nominated INTA members : Réciprocity prized for the Habitat category and Grünbox accessit for the same category.

Great Prize

A new model of mutualized habitat, architectural firm Arkenspaces, Paris


Sylfen for Smart Energy Hub, energy stocking units, Grenoble start-up

Accessits :
1. Thassalia, Marseille's Euromediterranean district marine geothermy central
2. ZOEnergy, energetic transition integrated project of the Zuidoost district, Amsterdam


Réciprocité/Chers voisins : active neighborhood in Rhones-Alpes

Accessits :
1. GrïnboX, innovative project on urban life space, french-german architects, Vienne-France
2. Diya One, multiservices robotic plateform for flats, Cergy-Pontoise


The electric scooter cart, fab lab of the Mine-Douai engineering school

Accessits :
1. Toast, optimisation of urban circulation, start-up of Troyes techno university
2. La Rochelle mobility crossroad 

Urban innovation

Lyon Living Lab Confluence, global operator of urban services

Accessits :
1. Libertas, libérer le chômage, free the unemployment, think through the formation, start-up of Espoo's Aaltao University (Finland)
2. Noocity Growbed, integrated urban gardening system, start-up of Porto (Portugal)

Citizen participation (Prize Le Monde - INTA)

Chrono en marche for Transdev de la start-up UFO de Grenoble 

Accessits :
1. Le Carillon, local solidarity network of the association La Cloche de Paris 11e 

2. Civocracy, french-american start-up and its projects led in Nice, Amsterdam and Lyon 


Action culturelle

 La Cité du vin de Bordeaux, interactive exhibition place

Accessits :
1. Escola municipal de musica of the Hospitalet district in Barcelone (Espagne)
2. Clichés !, photographic projects for teenagers and seniors led by the association Ère de Jeu in Montreuil 


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