Malmo MobilityPrizeThe city of Malmo, Sweden, member of INTA, received the EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK Award, for its long-term focus on active transports mode, such as cycling and walking, from the European Commission.

The 3rd largest Sweden city is a role model for its efforts to promote pedestrians and cyclists, which is promoting a healthier lifestyle and environment. 

Along this focus, a few permanents measures are also implemented, such as turning a major shopping street into a car-free zone, making the city-center safer and more attractive to local residents, and has set a new bike-sharing system with 500 bicycles at 50 stations.

Malmo also turned this sustainable mobility in a way to have a positive impact on local economy, by partnering with local businesses. 

Bruxelles, Belgique, also received the Urban Mobility Planning Award, for its freight transportation strategy, integrated with a passenger mobility strategy.

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