From 14 to 17 May the city of Rostock, one of the biggest on the Mecklenburg-Oriental Pomerania Land in North Germany, hosted an international workshop themed "From a growing to a great city". It was organized jointly, on the framework of the Johann Project, launched to develop tourism of small cruise ships in Baltic, by the South Baltic Sea Cities small cruise ship network, Union of Baltic Cities "planning cities" network and the Union of Baltic Cities "smart and prospering cities" network.

Michel Sudarskis, the INTA Secretary General, presented an abstract of the Initiative INTA Act 2 on cities transformations conclusions, which opened a fruitful dialogue on the transition principles from a rapidly growing city to a metropolis sized importance, with the Warnow river as a structuring axis allowing various functions, especially on tourism, maritime and industry. 

Closing this event, the City of Rostock decided to join INTA. This partnership will be pursued with the participation of a Rostock representative at the INTA Session on innovation in medium sized cities in the Innovative City Forum, in Nice, on the 6 July 2017.


Download the two files :
// Act 2 - Cities and Territories in Transformation
// A joint approach to guide a growing Baltic City into a Great Balitc City

Presentations and documents from the workshop are available here.

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