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KielharbourPartner of INTA, the city of Kiel is the capital of the northern German State Schleswig-Holstein, on the shore of the Baltic sea. 

Due to its key geographical situation, it has become a major center in Germany. The city is a transport hub for the Baltic region, as well as a strong business center, led by traditional, maritime and innovative economies.

The proximity of universities and research institutes makes it an important center for education, as well as for innovation, companies and science being directly linked: it was the cradle of many innovative technologies, such as gyrocompass and fax machine. Global scale companies are siding with diverse universities, making Kiel one the most dynamic city on the Baltic sea. 

The city is also a key point in maritime events, we can note the Kieler Woche, biggest sailing event of the world, and all kind of sporting activities.

At the medium point between dull small towns and hectic metropolis, this city is a relaxed city by the sea, family and study friendly, with a good cultural center and a large offer for education. 

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