INTA participated in 2 events organized by the Palladio Foundation at the end of 2017.

FondationPalladioThe Secretary General, Michel Sudarskis, was invited as a speaker on the 6th symposium Research on Real Estate and City Construction, themed Revolution and reconciliation in the territories : an ongoing transition ?

The main goal of this annual symposium is to merge researchers and professionals on current issues, to discuss on innovative ideas that can be applied to professional matters. 

The debate was centered around the inequalities between french territories, and especially between territories and the metropolis: a text featuring the main stakes is available here

The symposium was held from 9h to 12h30, wednesday 13th September, on the 14-16 rue des Capucines, 75002 Paris. 


PalladioMauriceINTA's President, Maurice Charrier, was invited at the 3rd Public Debate of the Institute 2017 cycle, themed Inhabiting the urban planet: harmony or chaos?. He was a speaker alongside Maryse Gautier, co-chairperson of the Preparatory Committee for Habitat III and general engineer for CGEDD. 

The Public Debates aims to confront the point of view of experts on central themes of urban reflection, and are open for all that work with the city: elected representatives, leaders, researchers, association members and medias. 

Here, it was about discussing the strategies to face the demographic challenge, with the issues of housing quality in an urgency situation, with an innovation and funding focus. 

The debate was held on wednesday 11 October 2017, from 19h to 20h30

A few word from INTA President on the debate:

« After presenting the INTA's approach in the production of its manifesto in preparation for Habitat III in Quito, I recalled the commitment of INTA in the implementation phase of the New Urban Agenda. On Habitat III's assessment and especially on the conditions for implementing the final recommendations: we must not neglect the importance of such international forums; they contribute to an awareness of the stakes. The Quito resolution affirms fundamental principles for the right to the city, universal access to services, the power to act of local and regional authorities and of the inhabitants, action against poverty and more generally for human progress.

Through Habitat III we must also be aware of the social and territorial inequalities that continue to widen; inequalities among cities, inequalities in accessing to natural resources such as water, in the capacity to act on climate issues, and awareness of violations of democracy and human rights in some countries.

We must therefore remain mobilized but mobilized with optimism. »

Maurice Charrier

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