cityscape and landscape view of ottawa ontario canadaFollowing the Quito conference, the local authorities asked themselves how to lead the change and transition between a few more or less detailed goals and the implementation, on the field, of the local principles of sustainable development. To answer this, INTA launched an agenda to back the local implementation of the World Urban Agenda, and the Sustainable Development Objectives, as well as an action plan for climate. 

Our approach aims to analyse, for each territory, what can be done to implement these objectives. A dozen cities in the world (Mexico, USA, Canada, England, Sweden, Indonesia, France, Portugal...) accepted that we evaluate their urban policy and development project on the ODD pattern. 

Montreal and Ottawa, the federal capital, as well as the Inter-academic for Research and Analysis of Organizations (CIRANO), will be the key north american points for our programme. In France, with the CDC and the AFD, the Ecole des Ponts Paritech will bring the support of their researchers in the elaboration of the programme methodological grid, as well as the Superior Technical Institute of Lisbon (IST). The evaluated cities are constituting an sufficient sample of urban and territory cases to learn on the policy we have to implement. 

It is on this basis that the General Secretary of INTA went to Ottawa last week, with Robert Olivier, Vice-President of INTA for North America. 


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