prix monde logoLe Monde newspaper launched the 3rd edition of the Urban Innovation Awards Le Monde Smart Cities, on 17 November 2017, during a conference on metropolises and their relationship with their territories, named Where can the city go? Metropolis, networks and territories

INTA supports these awards, and will belong to the jury to select the best innovation projects on city development. The awards are divided into different categories: civic participation, habitat, energy, mobility, cultural action or urban innovation (social, and/or circular economy). The project can be european or non european, based on where the it is set.

Companies, municipalities, associations or even individuals, from all countries, can submit their project. Applications are open since 17 November 2017, and until 25 February 2018 for european projects, and 13 May 2018 for non europeans. 

The Award Ceremony for european projects will be held in Lyon in May 2018, and in a event aside World Cities Forum, in Singapour in July 2018, for non european. 

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See the 2018 european awards winners

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