cocoon age aubagneEiffage Real Estate and Recipro-Cite inaugurated a show-room for Cocoon'Ages in Aubagne. It is symbolizing the Cocoon'Ages residence, on the Gavots, that will be the first intergenerational residence on this pattern, based on management and animation, that will be finished on June 2018.

The Cocoon'Ages residence of Aubagne is an experimentation for this new kind of habitat. It will have a 32 cradle nursery and 79 intergenerational social housings, on a total area of about 4800m², as well as many commons spaces inside or outside, so as to promote exchanges between inhabitants: a "Project House" in the first floor, of about 60 m², a large deck and shared gardens. 

The principle of this pattern is to create intergeneration by intertwining practical devices, by a special care on accessibility, the creation of shared spaces and ergonomic housings, and of human devices, to center the residence around the humans, and especially the residents. A manager-animator will be in charge for supporting the inhabitants projects, promote encounters, implementing mutualisation and solidarity actions and take care of older people, and as well to organize activities in the shared spaces. 

Ces deux composantes, l'humain et le bâti, intégré ensemble dès la conception du projet. Eiffage Immobilier, acteur de référence dans la construction et la promotion, et Récipro-Cité, société d'ingénieurie sociale spécialiste du vivre-ensemble, collaborent ainsi sur le concept de Cocoon'Ages pour allier mixité sociale et intergénérationnelle dans une architecture adaptée. Cocoon'Ages est un dispositif d'habitat et pourrait ainsi essaimer à travers la France, pour promouvoir la mixité. 

Those two components, human et building, were integrated together ever since the project was designed. Eiffage Real Estate, key player on building and promoting, and Recipro-City, social engineering society specialized in living-together, are collaborating on the Cocoon'Ages concept to connect social and generational diversity in a special architecture. Cocoon'Ages is a pattern for habitats, and could, as such, be spread across France to promote diversity. 

// Cocoon'Ages by Eiffage
// Cocoon'Ages by Récipro-Cité


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