WUFIn partnership with INTA, EAROPH is organizing a Side Event at the World Urban Forum, themed "Partnership for sustainable growth through integrated community action and flood mitigation: lessons from Indonesia and Australia".

 The World Urban Forum, a famous event for urbanism, will also be the first large-scale international meeting for the urban actors since the Quito agreements signature and the implementation of the New Urban Agenda: it is the 2018 Forum theme. Sides Events are sessions of the WUF program set up by third-party organizations, and offer an opportunity to share concrete examples on the implementation of the New Urban Agenda.

The theme addressed by INTA and EAROPH is a concrete example with two countries accustomed to deal with difficult environmental conditions: Australia and Indonesia. Indonesia faces problems of urban development through the vulnerability of the inhabitants of the coasts and the banks to floods, caused by poor environmental protection and area planning and by climatic change, and through the prevalence of informal settlements with no legal status. Neighboring Australia also has to deal with floods and the rising sea, and its knowledge might be helpful to Indonesia.

The registration deadline for the Forum is January 15!

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