TaipeiSummitTaipei pre-launched Go Smart, a smart city network, during the 2018 Taipei Smart City Summit & Expo from 26 to 29 March. This network, the Global Organization of Smart Cities, aims to communicate ideas and develop IoT innovation for smart cities. 

The deputy mayor of Taipei, Charles Lin, member of INTA, foresees this network as a mean to get Taipei to be the hub of smart city solution providers. Taiwan has a recognized expertise on IoT and technology, which makes a good basis for this network, but implementing international cooperation is a new challenge.

The network is directed towards local and regional governments, institutions and industries, and alreay twenty-seven cities from all over the world joined it. The core areas of reflexion are the following:

  • Transport
  • Building
  • Healthcare
  • Education


From its pre-launch, the network have to define its organizational structure, before being officially launched in the 2019 Taipei Smart City Summit & Expo.

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