Eiffage Aménagement has created a new application, "Phosphore City" to tackle in the form of games the themes of quality of life, local development and environmental performance in urban development. Players can at any time check their game score in these different areas. The objective is to allow intuitive understanding of concepts and their interactions, to better understand the urban complexity.

Players are thus invited to define a territory, choose a project and explore solutions while comparing them to reference projects. This fun experience is short (estimated at 15 minutes) and is available on Mac, PC, smartphone and tablet. 

AppliPhosphore City 2


« Sharing a common vision of the sustainable city, utopia urgently sought in all the countries confronted with massive urbanization: it is this ambition which brought us when we created PhosphoreCity ® . This fun application is a simple approach to the systemic approach of an urban development project. Its sole claim is to show the primacy of the specificities of the territory and the project and then to propose a panel of sustainable technical solutions, which are consequences of the territory and the project, and not the ends.»

- Valérie DAVID, Director Sustainable Development and Transverse Innovation at Eiffage Aménagement


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