NL RATP SEDPThe RATP Group reinvents itself by drawing on its historical expertise, reinforcing the consistency of its brands and enhancing its activities.

The SEDP (society for studies and heritage development), the real estate company of the RATP group becomes RATP Real Estate. Founded in 1990, it has since deployed a unique expertise in real estate management and engineering. Today, RATP Real Estate manages and develops the real estate and land assets of public and private clients through several complementary businesses: studies (opportunity, feasibility), programming, project management assistance, land management, faciliy management, real estate expertise (sustainable development, fire safety, consulting), audits (energy, closed and covered) and construction works.

For almost 30 years, RATP Real Estate has been combining urbanism and industry in the city center, mainly for the RATP group, with the aim of triptych density (optimization of land rent in urban areas), mixed (functional and social) and architectural quality (systematic design competitions). In Paris region, RATP Real Estate invents the city of tomorrow by transforming RATP's industrial sites into integrated living spaces through modernization programs that optimize valuable urban land; the subsidiary also supports the RATP on the energy transition component, by adapting the industrial tool to accommodate future electric buses. RATP Real Estate is also a subsidiary of innovative and efficient tertiary real estate services.


  • Close to 100M€ budgets driven annually on behalf of RATP
  • 650 service providers under contract
  • 500,000 m² of managed industrial and tertiary surfaces
  • Complex real estate projects up to 80,000 m²
  • 1.5 million m² of audited industrial and tertiary premises
  • 125m€ of land acquisitions
  • 4,500 m² of revegetation (including 1,000 m² of urban agriculture)

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