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"Venezuela: The Plan for the day after "

Education, technology, participation and governance in national reconstruction: applying the INTA methodology for the comprehensive analysis of the urban environment.

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Zulma Bolivar, 

Professor-Researcher in the Master of Urban Design of the Institute of Urbanism of the Faculty of Architecture of the Central University of Venezuela

In any country of the free and democratic world, the academia is a space for analysis, diagnosis and design of alternative ways to build a city, build citizenship, strengthen development and collaborate to the sustainability of the planet, but in Venezuela, all it’s about overcoming obstacles and subsisting.

We are surviving a total collapse of public services, shortages of food and medicines, and more than 90% of the population are in extreme poverty. It is urgent to move from theory to practice, through proposals for physical, social and economic structural transformation that could deliver the most efficient use of space and financial resources.

At the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism of the Central University of Venezuela, researchers and professors, experts in various areas of the urban field, overcome the shortage of basic services, the impact of a galloping hyperinflation and the despair accumulated by 20 years of government inefficiency and corruption, by joining forces in a collaborative platform of analysis and reflection, which we have called "the Plan for the day after".

Sharing common vision and objectives, together with political groups, businessmen and organized civil society, we reflect on what happened to us, and how to redirect the destiny of the Venezuelan society towards a better future.

We are opening a space to discuss scenarios, planning options and concrete proposals to get out of the crisis, where nationals and foreigners contribute with ideas to recover the productive apparatus, the infrastructure of services and civil rights. An immense quantitative and qualitative effort where universities, political parties, professional associations and business chambers work for the same goal: the preparation of a Plan for Venezuela 2030, the institutional, social and economic reconstruction of the Nation: the project called PLAN PAIS, which has as a priority to solve the current humanitarian crisis.

Actively participating in the working groups dealing with City and Territory, where mobility, housing, public space and urban equipment converge, we are designing a road map that strategically plans, measures, assembles and spatializes the actions and sectoral guidelines, with an integral vision, coordinating economic, social, political and service infrastructure areas, in order to achieve an harmonious national development.

Venezuela today requires technical expertise, international cooperation (INTA, IDB, WB, CAF, CIDEU, UCGL) and political will to reconcile priorities and financing with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and the New Urban Agenda (NAU) of UN Habitat.

The Venezuela of the future requires ordering its territory with political vision, economic feasibility and legal viability.To make it works, it is vital to coordinate efforts, inter-institutional, multifactorial and at all levels of government, taking into consideration that there is a space for excellence where people, interests, services, offers and demands converge: the city and the public realm, that is a true platform for the management, implementation, maintenance and development of the territory.

// Read Zulma Bolivar's interview in ELestimulo (in Spanish)

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