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The INTA secretariat is pleased to announce that INTA is joining the Habitat Professionals Forum, a voluntary affiliation of international and regional associations of Human Settlements Professionals involved in sustainable urban development.

Being a member of HPF will allow INTA to exchange and share knowledge and experience towards integrated, inclusive and sustainable urban development within a wide international urban professionnal network. 

What is HPF?

The HPF fosters cooperation and partnership between the Human Settlements Professionals and UN-­‐HABITAT through dialogue and partnerships, and by providing leading-­‐edge information and expertise that contribute to the implementation of the Habitat Agenda and sustainable urban development.

Members are independent, non-­profit and non‐governmental organisations that are international or regional associations of Human Settlements Professionals supporting sustainable urban development.

The HPF aims to :

  • Develop opportunities for synergy and partnership between the Human Settlements Professionals and UN-­HABITAT, and to engage as a consultative group for UN HABITAT.
  • Promote and disseminate professional practices in the field of human settlements to implement the Habitat Agenda through shared learning, training and evaluation.
  • Promote the establishment of common values and ethics for professional practice in the field of human settlements.
  • Advocate the need for professional capacity and learning in the field of human settlements, and develop the necessary knowledge, skills and exchange of Experiences amongst our own professions, policymakers and the general public.
  • Enhance partnerships through a global network of Human Settlements Professionals.
  • Promote exchange and dialogue between Human Settlements Professionals and help them to contribute to UN HABITAT policy debates and agendas, and to take concrete actions around urbanization issues with other Habitat Agenda partners.


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