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International Housing and Community Development Forum - October 12-14, 2019 : Sheraton Austin Hotel at the Capitol - Austin, Texas, USA 

A Forum jointly organised by NAHRO and INTA
Hosted by the Housing Authority of the City of Austin, TX

Does housing professionals have a common consideration of the process (programs, policies, and tools) of Creating Community? How much the whole process is in synergy with the global Sustainable Development Goals: diversity and inclusion, health, education and employment, environmental sustainability? Are the housing and urban development instruments appropriate to handle the global transitions: neighbourhood design, architecture, mixed-income and mixed-use projects…

Creating Community is a generic theme and amidst rapid global economic and social change, as institutions and hierarchies erode, people everywhere are trying to find or rebuild communal values, to restore some collective optimism to their lives. It is happening throughout society: in neighbourhoods, towns, businesses, churches, political parties, etc. And these people are searching for a new kind of leadership to help with building a "Community”- whatever the would-be community might be. As well as a building alone does not make a City, how a Community creates urbanity?

However, the tools to "Create Communities" may no longer be appropriate in a disrupted technological, social and economical context and in a more participative and civic democracy quest? What urbanity emerges when collective interest is confronted with individualistic priorities? 

Participants will delve into the various programs, policies, and tools they use in their home countries and localities, addressing both differences and commonalities.

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