Fernando Nunes Da Silva, new INTA president

Fernando Nunes Da Silva

Dear Colleagues,
A new year is beginning; unfortunately the pandemic that hurt us so strongly did not stop yet. Contrary to what the most optimistic people thought almost a year ago, we will still have restrictions of mobility and face-to-face activities for months to come, as the waves of contamination follow one another, and this despite the hopes that the beginning of the massive vaccination brings us. We must therefore prepare ourselves for another year of uncertainty and vulnerability. 

But this does not prevent us from believing in the rebound capacities of each of us, and in the solidarity that brings us together to build a more responsible future. Forward, straight ahead!

In spite of the various difficulties we are going to organise our 44th World Congress, as a testimony of our resilience, but in a different format to take into account the legitimate, if too many, constraints.

The novelty is that it is a mobile event - 2 to 3 videoconferences per month spread over 3 /4 months. It is all of these separate sessions that make up a unified Congress. Each session covers a unique theme that reflects the questions raised by policy makers, elected representatives, private partners and urban professionals on current transitions, their impacts on local growth and the measures to take to optimise sustainable urban development.

This event is co-constructed with "all men and women of good will". I invite you to join our project and help us design and organise an amazing programme. More information at your disposal.
I look forward to hear from you.

Cordial greetings and take care of yourself.
Fernando Nunes da Silva

Who is Fernando Nunes Da Silva?

Professor, IST University of Lisbon, Portugal
Mr. Nunes da Silva is a full Professor of Urban Planning and Transports at the IST (Superior Institute of Technology), University of Lisbon since 2002. He gained his PhD (1992) and Pos-Doc (2000) in Civil Engineering by the former Technical University of Lisbon.
His Main professional interests include: urban strategies for sustainable mobility; urban planning; transportation planning.

He has gained experience as an advisor and consultant in transport and urban planning studies and projects in several municipalities and regional bodies; he is a researcher at CESUR (Centre for Urban and Regional Systems); he was also a councillor and deputy mayor for Mobility and Transport in Lisbon Municipality (2009/13).



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