Fernando Nunes Da Silva, new INTA president

Fernando Nunes Da Silva   

The COVID-19 health crisis has suddenly revealed the fragility of our urban infrastructure and services. Answering these challenges means questioning local public action simultaneously in all its dimensions: living, feeding, traveling and, more generally, producing, consuming, educating... Elected and local officials will face new and complex problems, and not everyone master the mechanisms and tools to deal with them in an integrated manner, which increases everyone's concern.

Faced with this situation, INTA stands by your side to initiate, at the scale of each territory, a resilient, inclusive and environmentally responsible urban development.

We are strong thanks to the plurality and complementarity of our membership – public and private sector, of our international presence, and of new solutions that we implement. These innovative forces, and our productive history, allow us to take part in a very operational way in reconciling health and territories, building adapted living conditions where everyone can more easily take care of themselves and others. INTA regularly enriches its tools for exchanging and transferring know-how to better meet the information, knowledge and means of action of all urban settings.

Participate and support INTA
The activity of INTA, as that of with many organizations, has been hit hard by the health crisis. However, the sharing of experiences and knowledge within an international network of territories has perhaps never seemed so relevant, while the effects of the crisis are being felt all over the world.

We are calling on you to help your association to get through this period and to continue its work and to remain able to meet the present and emerging challenges.

We need your support and help: settlement of current membership dues, renewal of your membership, promotion of your association within your own economic and institutional networks, commissioning decision-making missions, program sponsorship, or by making a donation.

Thank you for your support.

Fernando Nunes da Silva, President of INTA

Who is Fernando Nunes Da Silva?

Professor, IST University of Lisbon, Portugal
Mr. Nunes da Silva is a full Professor of Urban Planning and Transports at the IST (Superior Institute of Technology), University of Lisbon since 2002. He gained his PhD (1992) and Pos-Doc (2000) in Civil Engineering by the former Technical University of Lisbon.
His Main professional interests include: urban strategies for sustainable mobility; urban planning; transportation planning.

He has gained experience as an advisor and consultant in transport and urban planning studies and projects in several municipalities and regional bodies; he is a researcher at CESUR (Centre for Urban and Regional Systems); he was also a councillor and deputy mayor for Mobility and Transport in Lisbon Municipality (2009/13).



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