INTD linkInternational New Town Day on June 30, 2016 in Almere, the Netherlands

On the 30th of June 2016 INTI will be organizing the first International New Town Day. This one-day conference in Almere, in combination with various side events in both Amsterdam and Rotterdam, the Netherlands, will serve as a preparatory session for the INTI side-event of the UN Habitat III conference in Quito, Ecuador, in October 2016. Both events will be focused on the establishment on the New Urban Agenda of New Towns.

The goal of the International New town Day is to connect representatives of new cities worldwide and create awareness of their shared challenges. Since planned communities have many things in common, it is only logical that all can learn from each other. Through the exchange of knowledge and experiences, we will determine a shared agenda for the improvement of existing new towns and the design of future cities.

As the New Urban Agenda of 2016 will naturally transform over time as urgent topics evolve, the International New Town Day of 2016 will be the first of many. Every year, another New Town will host the event and new problems and solutions can be brought forward, in order to be integrated in the international processes of policy-making.

Registrations to the event are open!

More information about the programme and registration procedure are available online here

About INTI

The International New Town Institute (INTI) is a non-profit think-and-do-tank, committed to the improvement of the spatial quality of ‘New Towns’ worldwide: extremely young cities which have been built from scratch over the past few decades. Many of these cities have been built according to ideals which ruled during their period of construction, but are now facing problems which the first designers did not foresee. With the interdisciplinary research program New New Towns (Est. 2012), running in China, Cuba, the Netherlands, Brazil, India, Ghana and Kenya, INTI has gained a wide field of expertise within the realm of New Town planning. We aim to spread and exchange this knowledge during the International New Town Day.

Practical Information

The International New Town Day will take place on the 30th of June in Almere, the Netherlands. On the 28th and the 29th of June, there will be an additional program of excursions in preparation of the conference in Rotterdam and Amsterdam, visiting innovative projects on (high density) housing, harbor transformation and participation. On July 1st participants are offered the possibility to have individual networking meetings or tailor made day-programs.

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